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Product attribute

O button product introduction

O injection molding adjusting buckle is the latest design of our company,the product is arranged by a number of cylindrical dot array.The two ends of the lattice are designed to card and interact, so as to play the role of adjusting the length.

Material: TPU
Amount:3#Each dot matrix consists of 15 cylindrical points
5#Each dot matrix consists of 8 cylindrical points
Scope of use: clothing, hats, etc
Combination mode: customers can increase or decrease the number of lattice and the distance between two lattice according to their needs.
Function introduction:
1. Can be used in place of zipper of garment flap;
2. Can be used instead of garment cuff cuff link;
3. Can be used instead of the adjusting buckle on the back of the hat;
4. Suitable for auxiliary products with more regulating properties.

The patent certificate
The number of utility model patent certificate is 7318123, and the number of appearance design patent certificate is 4551171

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