OIO First Plank Activity

May is a month of passion and energy .In order to advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, to activate the company’s sports atmosphere, and to enhance the health of employees, we successfully held the First Plank Competition on the morning of May, 9.

Plank is easy, and can effectively exercise the core muscle group.It is also a fashionable fitness exercise. Company leaders actively advocate a healthy lifestyle. Zipper Business Division, Label Business Division I, Label business Division II and Comprehensive Business Division all actively participated in the activities. Timing training was conducted before the competition, and the unified timing and movement standards were monitored during the competition.

In the competition, the athletes held their breath and made standard postures.They caught up and competed for the first.From time to time,the crowd burst of applause, and competitors were greatly beyond their estimated time.

Finally, Liu Yueqin of the Comprehensive Business Division won top 1 for women。

Gu Siming from label enterprise won top 1 for men.

Label Business Team won the group champion. Company leaders issued prize to them.

This competition not only fully demonstrated everyone’s indefatigable fighting spirit and indomitable will, but also promoted the fitness atmosphere of the company and strengthened the team cohesion of the company.