The First Rice Dumplings Activity In Dragon Boat Festival

In order to enrich staff cultural life , promote the traditional culture and inherit the Chinese tradition, on the afternoon of June 15, we organized the staff  to carry out the zongzi activity , the theme of which was “Fragrance of Leaves, Zongzi Made on Your Own,Mutual Gifts for  Dragon Boat Festival”.

Glutinous rice, reed leaves, jujube, meat and other materials were put on the table.Volunteers who participated in the activity gathered around the table and made rice dumplings together.It was the first time for most staff to make rice dumplings, but some can also make rice dumplings. They gave full play to the spirit of “Being Helpful”  and proactively taught rice dumplings-making skills to their colleagues.Therefore, atmosphere was very harmonious.  Despite varied levels of skills, both the skilled and the novice were particularly happy to be pressent.

Leaves and leaves are stacked, good luck is endless; rice is tight and sticky, happy; line entangled, happy embrace; water and water blend together, affectionate.

After rice dumplings  were wrapped , canteen staffs help cook them,and distributed to everyone for taste.Through this activity, we not only carry forward the traditional culture, let the majority of employees know about the traditional festivals, but also enhance the communication and exchange between each other, letting grassroots employees feel the warmth from the company.