OIO First Staff Tug-of-War Competition

Hot July, accompanied by the fragrance of flowers and fresh breeze, in order to enable the majority of employees to work happily and create passionately, remodel cohesion, rebuild productivity and sprint for the second half of the year business goals, OIO launched the first tug-of-war competition of the year on the morning of July 4. This competition altogether 5 teams, more than 200 staff participated in the competition activity.

With the sound of the referee’s whistle, a total of 6 participating teams from zipper business division, label business division I, label business division II, comprehensive department, business team and production team launched a fierce competition, and the activity scene was extremely lively. As the red hammer moved from side to side, the heart of the cheerleading team moved with it. The cheers, cheers and excitement spread all over the field.

After fierce competition, a trademark business team champion

All departments in this tug-of-war competition fully reflect the spirit of “friendship first, competition second” and showing the friendship, competition level, all the staff showed the energetic, healthy mental outlook, enhanced cohesion, sense of honor and team spirit.

The success of this tug-of-war not only enriched our amateur cultural life, enhanced our sense of teamwork and collective honor, but also showed our enterprising spirit and positive and optimistic attitude to life. In this dynamic July, let us work together to strive for the unfinished goals of OIO in the second half of the year, and show the elegant demeanor of our OIO people more brilliantly.