An Outdoor Expansion Activity

On September 26, in order to strengthen team building of employees, enhance the mutual communication, and cultivate team spirit,  we organized an outdoor expansion activity.

“10 Meters High-Altitude Challenge“, “Trust Back” ,”  Interesting Team Game” and so on .Each one was carefully designed to bring everyone fun and happiness. In the process of the activity, team members conquered each project that were once thought impossible .At the end of each project we shared the joy of success , and fully understood the importance of team trust, effective communication, leadership and executive art.

In the course of the activity, all the team members actively participated in the training of various expansion projects, bravely challenged against difficulties and encouraged each other to overcome psychological obstacles.

This activity effectively enhanced the participation of employees courage and confidence, enhanced the sense of solidarity and collaboration. we learned to trust each other, understand the importance of team work, to improve work efficiency, improve the center coordinate and improve execution play a positive role.