OIO Second Activity On Welcoming Winter Solstice And Making Dumplings

“Eating dumplings” is a traditional custom in China during the Winter Solstice Festival, in order to let the staff feel the festival atmosphere and feel the care and warmth from the OIO family. In the morning of December 22, our canteen organized the staff of all departments to carry out the activity of “Welcoming Winter Solstice And Making Dumplings”.

Gong Yuhui, the person in charge of the activity, carefully selected the stuffing to make full preparations.

During the activity, everyone was divided into a number of groups, some rolling, others dumplings, and everyone were filled with a bright smile on face. They shared the experience of making dumplings with each other, in a happy and warm atmosphere .

Through this winter solstice dumpling activity, it not only made everyone feel the joy of cooperation, but also it enhanced the friendships between colleagues. We let everyone feel the warmth of the company, at the same time enhanced team cohesion, and enhanced the sense of belonging of employees.