Vote For The Most Beautiful OIO Family Members In 2018

In order to propagate positive energy and to discover the truth, kindness and beauty around us,in December 2018, we organized a poll with the theme of “Looking For The Most Beautiful OIO Family Members In 2018”.

The vote is conducted in the form of photo comparison, which records the true and altruistic good conduct, good words and deeds of colleagues or themselves.

After a month of registration and voting, 2 first prize winners, 4 second prize winners and 6 third prize winners were finally selected.

First prize winner: Zhang Li from Heli Workshop
Photo caption: team spirit + happy laugh 
In OIO First Tug-of-War Game, factory office VS business department.The spirit of cooperation creates mutual benefits.


First prize winner: Chen Lin from Comprehensive Department
Photo caption: teamwork
In the outdoor activity on September 26, 2018, she learned team spirit, infinite strength and unlimited development. Nothing is unachievable as long as you work hard .


Awarded photos