The OIO Blooming 2019 New Year Celebration

On February 16, 2019,   OIO Blooming 2019 New Year Celebration was ceremoniously held in beautiful Xitang Baoding hotel , Jiashan.

” 2018 has been an extraordinary year and a turning point for us,” by listening to the speech of OIO Chairman Mr. Hong , we deeply understood what a fruitful year we had gone through .

In 2019,we have successfully set up three business divisions, successfully obtained the construction land for the new factory, completed the 6S management system transformation,signed a written pledge to fulfill an annual performance, and started the construction of our new factory, etc. These achievements have laid a foundation for the better development of us.

Usually,it is the hard work of employees  that impresses you , but we can also show you  something different about them.

Staff from Zipper Business Division performed”Seaweed Dance” , which featured familiar &dynamic music and choreographed moves,thereby living up all the audiences.

Although preparing for only two days,  Label Business Division staffs perfectly presented the sketch named “Beijing Drifter Young Lovers”  .It brought applause from the crowd .

If Amateurs can dance like professionals,  that can be called their  true strength! Three beautiful girls from Label Business Division became a spotlight with their cool dance named”Colorful Black” !  I just want to ask:  Hey girls, do you have boyfriend?

I have to mention that girls from Comprehensive Department could combine fashion show with product display. That is really special. Of course, the final result proved it: Their fashion show got top 1 prize.

There are many way to express your gratitude.In our show , the most impressive one was undoubtedly “Thank You” performed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade in sign language , which was accompanied by the singer Daolang’s voice, you would feel real love from heart by watching their performance .

We also provided golden rings for loyal staffs with five or ten working years in OIO. The thick gold rings were not only value of money, but  also our gratitude to loyal staffs.

How could we forget company leaders’ performance?    They sang a song named “Great Ambition In My Heart”, which was perfectly relevant to the party topic,that was why it was so great .

2019 has already come.  New Year, New Challenges.We firmly believe that OIO will become stronger and stronger, the future is in our hands!